Find a transferred registration

As of 1/16/22 at 9a, all registrations made in Enmotive were transferred to this platform. If you need to make a change (bio data, distance, defer to another event), you can either claim your registration (below) or email the race director at Note: you do not need to claim a transferred registration unless you want to change it.

Step 1

On the event page (click here to find a list of all events), click Event info then Confirm my registration

Step 2

On the search page, enter either your email or your name and your date of birth then click Lookup Registration.

Step 3

On the search results page, click Is this you? next to your name.

Step 4

A pop-up window will open, asking you to confirm. Click Claim and then check your email for an email containing a link to add the registration to an existing account, or to create a new RunSignup account.

Alternate method

Especially if you've registered for more than one event, you can go one place to claim all your registrations. Go to and enter your email address then click Claim. You will receive an email with a link to claim all of the registrations under that email.

Need more help?

You can check out the RSU help file on this topic, or email RunSignup support at